Giving Back / TDS Enduro by KW

So on Thursday I went to one of the local elementary schools and did a little safety / trick demo for them. We talked about helmet safety and a few other things and then I bunny hopped some teachers! The kids were more that stoked and had a blast, Hopefully they learned some things as well! I am now booked for three more shows this summer and have a bunch of new fans haha!

Then on Friday my teammate Bobby and I went down to Grass-Valley Ca to get some practice in for “Dirty Sanchez Enduro”. This race is a 7 stage Enduro race and is an invite only event, So everyone there was fast. The trails are all man built jump style trails with a fair amount of pedaling and was very well suited to my riding style. On race day things went great, I felt really good all morning and then on one of the stages I had a slip up where the trails made a Y split and I ended up going the wrong way and got tangled up in the tape for a while and had to run back up to the race course. After that mistake I was in 22nd place and pretty much out of the running for the win but still decided go for it and have some fun. I ended up making my way up to 7th place by the end of the day and had a ton of fun this weekend.kidsshow dirtysanchez I am so excited for this season to get into full swing!


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